Track GPS Location

Why Track GPS Location?

What to keep track of someone’s whereabouts? Do it discreetly with Cardihack!
• View present and past GPS and Wi-Fi-based locations
• Track movements with time stamps 
• See addresses and geographical coordinates 
When you know where someone is, you can guess what they’re doing. You know when someone is up to something behind your back
If you’re an employer, location tracking tells you a lot about your employees. You know when your employees lie about their whereabouts.

Knowing the whereabouts of loved ones brings peace of mind to the family members. As these days, due to high traffic, parents always remain worried about their kids and sometimes spouses. Sometimes kids try to cross the restricted area. At that time, our GPS tracking and geo-fencing help a lot. It continuously provides the current location as well as informs you if your spouse crosses the restricted boundary.

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